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Old 12-31-2007, 11:54 PM
septicdeath septicdeath is offline
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man.... man... man...

I just posted a LONG helpful response on whats going on in my situation, but for somereason my message got lost and I had to re-log in, I cant find it in myself to retype that entire message again, I just cant.

So I will get quick and dirty.

I migrated into the fresh install, about 85% took. System Preference add-ons are all whack, luckly, little snitch wont run, but a re-install gained me access to all my network rules, theres a hour or so saved.

I am trying to run Entourage and cant get access to any of my identities (main and backups). Entourage is reporting "You dont have write access to the Entourage application folder. To run ... you must have administrator user remove identities folder from the application folder". I am the only user on my machine, minus the root user that I use from the cli and all my macports/xdarwin/fink stuff. (which btw, looks like a complete flush and recompile of all those apps is going to need to be done, unless some chown in the correct area is the only fix I need, DU verify permissions isn't reporting any issues, but I dont think its deep enough to fix these).

Any suggestion on which group to apply the sudo chown -R nicitaja:<GROUP> /Applications so that I dont mess up the system, but allow myself access where I should have access. Will take some time at the CLI and explore, maybe it will jump out at me and make sense. Why the migration didnt create these correctly, I dont know.

Firefox is jacked, re-install doesn't fix. It thinks that no Master Password is set, so when I try to change it, it doesn't allow me to input text in the old password box, so it fails, firefox complains every run, every access. Luckily, I use 1-password, so all my important information is there, to anyone else following my example, make sure you export your bookmarks the first time you run firefox, the more time you run it, the more messed up it seems to get. Just export, then TRASH, and re-install.

I have a question, its the actual creation of the sparseimage of 10.5 with SD thats messed up, its not like a updated SD is going to be able to successfully restore the already created image, if this is the case, I might be able to survive with this messed up system until I see a new SD, *BUT* every sense of developer in me tells me that since DiskUtil cant use the image to restore a bootable drive, that the problem was recorded with the backup, and its just never gonna be usable.

I am a lucky one, with for or five extra 300 gig usb drives lying around, but as you can see from above, this method is far from working, and in all honesty, if you have the original applications and key-codes, its probably faster to just start fresh, as I know you can successfully grab the /Users folder and data from the sparseimage, I'm not sure if you can grab the /Applications and just bring them out and into your existing install, but most all of my system preference are all jacked, and I'm going to need to re-install most all of those add-ons (speed download, visage, little snitch, perian, to name a few).

I hope I can get my old email back, as that entourage identity is 10 years of Microsoft Outlook, exported and brought to Entourage, and is my main concern. Luckly, the help seems to make it easy, you don't have permission to the Identity Folder in the installation, a simple folder to fix I think.

I'm the idiot that installed Leopard, and I will spend the rest of the night kicking myself in the A$$, err, wait, I need to use my 1 day off to fix my machine so that I can actually work when I need to go back on Jan 2nd. Its obvious that Apple, who spent so much money mocking Vista and all of its issues, then turned around and rushed out this INCOMPLETE, 3rd party NOT SUPPORTED, version of its OS, became that which they make fun of, and gave us all one big steamy pile. The internet should be filled with thousand... err oh ya, it is... Never mind.

Thanks for your help.

If anyone has a suggestion on the correct group to chown to fix permisison on the /Application folder, please let me know. DiskUtility fix permissions isnt catching it, but I dont think its deep enough to.

Thanks again.
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