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What is Shirt Pocket?
Shirt Pocket is a small company committed to creating small but useful applications for the Macintosh. Our programs are affordable, fully supported, well designed and carefully crafted to bring a smile to your face when you use them.

netTunes, our first product, is a Macintosh OS X program that will change the way you use iTunes in a networked environment. In January 2005, netTunes won the prestigious Macworld Eddy award!

Our second product, launchTunes, ensures your shared music is available by making it easy to start one or more remote iTunes servers when you start iTunes locally.

SuperDuper!, introduced in January of 2004, is a backup program that's also the first utility that allows "Sandboxing": a system checkpoint for the Macintosh that was designed to allow any user an extra margin of safety when installing drivers, system updates, or any other potentially destabilizing program. In January 2006 and again in 2007, SuperDuper! won back-to-back Macworld Eddys!

Who is Shirt Pocket?
Shirt Pocket was founded by me—David Nanian—in late 2000 to create exciting, useful, well engineered and well supported shareware programs. I've brought along my 20 years of successful entrepreneurial and commercial software development experience.

Before starting Shirt Pocket, I co-founded (with Michael Strickman) UnderWare in 1983 (yes, I do seem to have a fondness for clothing-based company names — and a rather sophomoric sense of humor) and co-developed BRIEF, a programmer's editor that completely dominated its segment, and had over 65% of the editor market when we sold it to Solution Systems in 1990. BRIEF is now owned by Borland, and its innovative, logical and intuitive commands and operation are emulated by other editors — including GNU Emacs, Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland JBuilder, Visual SlickEDIT, CodeWright, Epsilon, BOXER and CRiSP — to this day.

After BRIEF, UnderWare developed Track Record, a Windows-based object-oriented bug tracking system that helped thousands of companies and workgroups keep their development projects on track. Track Record was sold to Compuware/NuMega in 1998, renamed to TrackRecord (no space — don't ask) and was integrated into their DevPartner Studio and QA Center enterprise-level product suites.

After working for Compuware's NuMega lab for a few years, and managing the development of DevCenter, DevPartner Studio Enterprise Edition and TrackRecord, I decided to set off on my own again and create more great products in a small company environment...and Shirt Pocket is the result!

I hope you like the work I've done. Feel free to contact me with your questions and comments.

Join me as I humiliate myself at Shirt Pocket Watch, my blog about all things Shirt Pocket, and various and sundry other things as well.

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