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Old 11-10-2004, 12:36 PM
justal justal is offline
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This is my Plan

Right, I've decided it's time to start backing things up properly, so this is my plan. I'd like to know if it all sounds OK / sensible and have a few questions along the way.

First up, I have a G4 powerbook with internal 80GB HD. I have been looking around for an external firewire HD to use as the backup drive and like the look of the Lacie D2 200GB EXT Firewire 800, 400 & USB2 HD 7200rpm +. I've also come across a few problems people have been having with certain FW HD's and OS 10.3.6. So, first question is does anyone know if there is a problem with this drive and the latest OS versions? Can anyone recommend or dissuade me from getting this drive.

Once I have a suitable HD, I'll the partition the external drive. the first partition will be 80GB and will therefore allow me to backup my entire Powerbooks drive, using SuperDuper! to create a bootable clone. I'll then set up a regualr schedule to 'smart update' the bootable clone. I guess I should every now and then boot up from this backup partition just to make sure it is working OK.... Or will I be safe just trusting SuperDuper to do its thing?

I'd then quite like to have another partition on the external drive that simply has a fully working and bootable verison of the OS... Just in case I have updated something on the powerbook which later turns out to have been a mistake and that has also been copied to the backup... At least i'll then be able to boot up from the second partition and carry on working until I have time to sort things out. I'm presuming that I could use the safety clone feature of SuperDuper! to create this bootable version of the OS. I'll then be able to start up from the safety clone if I need to and still have access to my users files etc from the drive with the broken OS. Is that right? And, how big will the partition for the safety clone need to be.

I'll then use the remainder of the external FW hard drive to store the less essential stuff such as my iTunes library, which I will probably back up to DVD's, as although it won't stop me from working if I lose my iTunes library, it would be pretty annoying.

Does all of that sound sensible / achievable? Is there anything I have missed?


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