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Old 05-05-2005, 09:03 PM
ptaylor ptaylor is offline
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Lots of background info first... Sorry about that, but I'm hoping that I can explain why I'm doing things this way to potentially help the future of the product and to also give others good ideas about backing up.

I've finally gotten around to trying to automate my backup routine.

Now, I am coming from the Windows world. Due to a worm that hit me about a year or more ago that fortunately only messed up my OS partitions, not my data partitions, I've taken to not having general access wide open for my network connections... (Among other things - Like running a Linux box as a NAS to push all my backups to).. Anyhow, I've been using the concept of connecting to my backup drive, backing up to it, then disconnecting. If a worm, virus, or hacker hits a machine, there wouldn't be a mapped drive hanging out that it has full access to. Yes, a hacker could probably locate the scripts, but it would take a bit of intelligent searching for that...

Now that I'm switching to the Mac platform, I'm taking the good habits that I've previously learned even though viruses and worms aren't as rampant.. Perhaps they are overkill, but I'd rather do a bit more for security than I need to rather than be sorry later...

Anyhow, I've followed the instructions in another post on how to mount and unmount drives in applescripts...

I have three scripts:

Weekly Full Backup
Daily Full Backup
Daily Incremental Backup

The Weekly Full Backup is a "delete destination and copy all files" type of backup to a partition (so it can be bootable).. I want this scheduled for once per week, like Sunday nights.

The Daily Full Backup is a "delete destination and copy all files" type of backup to a sparse image. I want this backup to run Monday nights.

The Daily Incremental Backup is a "smart backup" to the sparse image mentioned in the "Daily Full" script. This script should run Tuesday - Saturday...

Using this method, I should always have two backups... One from Sunday night on a physical partition that I can boot to in an emergency, and one that was taken the previous night (on the sparse image)... (I'll probably also script something to copy off the sparse disk image once a month or so to a network attached drive)...

Anyhow, this brings me to my situation... When I run the Weekly Full Backup script, it attempts to mount my "daily" sparse image, but since neither it nor the drive housing it are mounted, it can't. That hangs the backup script... I don't have this issue when running either of the "Daily" scripts, because the sparse image is mounted by the script prior to SuperDuper starting up.

So, how can I stop SuperDuper from trying to mount the "daily" sparse disk image on it's own?

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