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Old 06-06-2006, 10:10 AM
gbdoc gbdoc is offline
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Dave, just for the sake of clarity: I just ordered a G-Tech 250GB G-Drive Combo (FW 400 & USB 2.0). Since I plan to partition it, and use one partition for regular bootable-clone BU's of a soon-to-be-purchased MacBook (Intel, probably with at least Tiger), I asked G-Tech first whether the drive would be bootable for me. Their answer:

"Yes and it will only boot Intel-Macs. You will be able to boot Intel Macs if you FORMAT it correctly and install the proper OS 10.4.x version on the G-drive Combo.See link <>"

The link points to an article explaining in cogent detail that "Intel Macs can't boot from older APM drives, and PowerPC-based Macs can't boot from newer GPT drives." (Incidentally, the article also says that the data on the drive can be used by either Mac, regardless how the drive is formatted; only the bootability is crucially affected.)

Now you say that that's not true, that the decisive factor is not the partitioning scheme but the version (PPC or Intel) of the OS which is installed. Obviously I don't care one way or the other, as I can do either, but I have to be able to do it right.

My planned setup: MacBook with 80GB drive. External 250GB FW drive, partitioned 80/170. I wouldn't actually install the OS on the FW drive, but I would use SD! to make clones of my internal HD to the 80GB partition of the FWD (the other 170GB is for storage of non-essential files, and has no immediate bearing on the present question).

1. From what you say, these clones are bootable by an Intel Mac, even if the FWD is APM-partitioned. Right?

2. A further implication of what you say concerns partitioning utilities like MicroMat's DiskStudio, which can create and resize partitions "on-the-fly". They say their product is not yet compatible with Intel Macs, and will have to be updated. I gather they currently make APM volumes. If what you say is true, I could indeed use DiskStudio to partition my new FWD as I described above. If I later wanted to resize the partitions, I could, without having to reformat the disk, thus erasing its data, as is necessary with DiskUtility. Right?

Please forgive this long post, but I couldn't make it shorter. Forgive me also for sounding like I might be doubting your word. You've always been reliably right when I've asked for help or advice. But in this case there seems to be very conflicting information from reliable sources.
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