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Hey, Gizmo.

Indeed, a safety clone doesn't substitute for a regular backup (of the main volume -- no need to back up the sandbox). If any user data is damaged (very rare due to this kind of update), you've got that to rely on.

There are alternatives to reinstalling on the main volume, including "cloning back" as described in the manual. That's a little scary for most people, though, so it's not something that you have to do. In addition, any "manually created" aliases from the original to the sandbox won't clone back properly in this version. But, if the Safety Clone was created by SD! it will work.

It's hard to say how long you should run from the Safety Clone. Personally, I always run from the clone. After a week or so running a new software update with no problems, I'll update the main volume and then the safety clone, so I'm running from a fresh one again.

For maximum protection, you need only have a (well, one or more, depending on what you want for rollback) backup of the main volume (which includes the user files) and a safety clone. There's no need to archive old documents if you're backing up the main volume, unless you need rollback support as mentioned just above.

Make sense?
--Dave Nanian
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