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Replace hard drive / Re-install OSX how to?

I've got some issues with my MBP that will require a fresh install of OSX; however, since I have to re-install OSX, I figured I might as well upgrade the hard drive from the 120 gig to a 160 gig.

I use SuperDuper to make a full install of my hard drive on a regular basis.

I can not use the Migration Assistant or do a full restore, because there is something currently wrong with my network settings, so I want to setup everything fresh.

A couple of questions...

After installing the new hard drive and re-installing OSX, will I be able to cherry pick the files that I want to copy from my SuperDuper backup? I have an extensive iPhoto library of photos that I want to retain, so these files need to be restored.

I also have a WinXP guest OS installed in Parallels, so I want to copy this onto the new hard drive without having to re-install all the apps in it. I've got a posting on the Parallels forum requesting instructions on how to do this.

Any help appreciated.
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