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ASR Image freeze

Every time I try to back up to my LaCie firewire drive Super Duper copies the required files, then enters a mode in which it says it is "creating ASR Image". Once it enters that state it remains there forever - well, for at least 16 hours, which is the longest I've left it. Furthermore, when it's in that mode its clock seems to go haywire, racking up hours in minutes. And after I've quit the process the LaCie drive is no longer visible until I switch it off and on again. I've checked the FAQs and whether it's because I'm entering the wrong question, or whether the problem is unique, I get no matches. Can anybody help? I haven't been able to complete a back-up since my first full transfer to this drive. I'm using a dual 1.6GB Mac G4 and OSX 10.3.6.
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