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Help with AppleScript - text file from log


Remember me?

When you have a free moment (or maybe several) can you provide me with some AppleScript code that will pluck off the bottom 10-20 lines of a log file and write it out to a text file? What I'm hoping to achieve is to be able to add a line to the bottom of your prune_log shell script that will call this routine...

mail -s "Backup Results" < /the/file/you/help/me/create.txt

So I need code to insert between on afterRunningCopy() and end afterRunningCopy which will create the text file. The same routine could be called between on errorRunningCopy(errorMsg) and end errorRunningCopy to report a failure.

I think this could end up helping a few people that I've read here that would prefer an email routine containing some useful information as opposed to relying on Growl notifications.

If this is too much to ask of you, no sweat.

Yamaha CT3

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