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Sharing Scripts accross Multiple Drives

Hi there,

Would really appreciate advice on best practice / workflow for making multiple backups of my Macbook HD.

I am presently running 2 scripts each week, one that creates a bootable disk and the other that copies user files to an external (2 partition) Firewire drive. I would now like to make a duplicate of this external drive to store off site.

I know this is a very common question so apologies.

My thoughts.......I tried to name the second firewire drive the same as the first so I could run the same scripts but Superduper couldn't locate the destination volume. Is there a way to use the same script for multiple drives?

I also wondered about trying to understand how to get SUPERDUPER to do a straight clone from one external drive to the other but my Computer only has one Firewire port.

As it stands I can only think that I should use seperate scripts for each external drive? Not sure how to copy scripts, would I simply make a copy in Finder then edit the copy from within SUPERDUPER to point at the new external drive?

Ramble over.....hope to hear from someone much more knowledgeable than myself soon.

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