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Originally Posted by dnanian
We try to make it simple.

So, you want to convert from MP3 to AAC, leaving both on one drive but only copying the MP3 (or AAC) to the other? That's not really going to be easy with SD, unfortunately, because you're talking about a *lot* of folders with a *lot* of files that you'd have to create a script for... I'd probably suggest isolating the converted files on their own volume.
Ok trying to get an idea of the limitations of SD. The seperate volume sounds like a good idea, especially since I don't want to mix different formats.
The goal is to keep 2 copies (main and backup) of Apple Lossless format main library for bit perfect reproduction, and then another library of lossy compressed format songs for downloading to MP3 discs for the car and AAC/MP3 songs for iPod use. Three different formats with sometimes a couple of different song versions all showing up together in the main iTunes library is confusing. Although Itunes songs can be sorted by bitrates, multiple formats of the same songs all together just adds another level of complexity to organizing and burning.

This is more of an itunes question than a Super Duper, but any quick hints to creating a new blank itunes library for seperate compressed files?

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