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Dave, thanks for the quick reply, if you prefer email support communication please let me know.

To answer your questions:

So -- when you say the it "was" quick and painless, you mean that it was fast to start -- the first time (or so) that you ran, and *later* it got very slow? Actually the first run and first smart run went quickly. Subsenquent back up was slow.

There are a few things I'd look at:

- Are you running any AntiVirus software? If so, they can interfere with your backup, and run at a low level. No anti virus is installed

- If that's not an issue, when you look at the internal drive with Disk Utility, what does the SMART status say? I will have to look at this on Friday as I am working away from home this week. I belive status from what I remember was okay

- Finally, is anything else attached to the port that you're using with the drive? Are you using the FireWire or USB interface? Nothing else attached to the port, firewire 400 used direct from iMac to external drive.
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