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Back up issues (slow)

First let me say I have heard nothing but good things about this application. I have recently switched over to Apple from PC and recently got an revb 20" iMac. Plans are to digitize my music collection (1000+ cds) and finally get photos and videos organized.

We just installed a LaCie external hard drive (250gb d2) and had to have it replaced due to errors with Silverkeeper and the actual original drive. LaCie sent a new replacement and we installed as instructed.

I wanted to use a better back up solution than Silverkeeper offered, and tried the SuperDuper trail. It worked as promised and smart update was quick and painless. Then the issues...

A back up was started and was still running over 13 hours later. We stopped the back up and re-formatted the LaCie drive to insure a smooth clean re-start. Again back up was very slow. After contact LaCie, we determined it is a software issue, but not sure where or what. Drive was re-formatted, Silverkeeper used and same issue. Repaired permissions, reviewed setting etc. So may be an issue with the iMac.

On reivew of these forums, we re-formatted our external drive once again. Restarted the iMac with the OSX disc and repaired and verified the start up disc.

We then ran Super Duper last night and after 15 hours and 39 minutes the back up is completed. No errors, no issues, just 15 hours of back up. We are backing up approx. 11gb of user data (not a full drive back up, only user files.).

It seems back up is slow on the following areas:

I will email Super Duper support (I am away from home at this time) but wanted to see if any support, guideance can be provided here. Thanks for any responses.

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