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Backup Failure

I created a new script to back up my internal HD to a second external HD, with the exception of one rather large folder. I followed the instructions in the User's Guide (beginning on p. 20).

I now have two separate backup scripts in my Scheduled Copies: The "normal" one that backs up up my entire internal drive to an external drive, and a "new" one that backs up almost my entire internal drive to another external drive.

My "normal" backup is scheduled to occur at about 1 AM; I scheduled the "new" one to occur at about 11 PM. Because I anticipated that the first run of the "new" backup would run into the "normal" backup, I decided to manually request the "normal" backup to run first. So a short while ago I initiated the manual backup, and it immediately failed with the following error message:

| 10:10:51 PM | Error | The bundled copy scripts have been altered. Please re-install SuperDuper!

Why did this happen; why do I have to reinstall SD!, recreate the scripts/schedules. etc.; and how do I prevent this from happening again?
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