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Restoring my Super Duper Backup - Tiger or Leopard ?

Iíve recently purchased a 24Ē aluminium Imac to replace that ghastly thing they call PC (and Vista !) Ė and am very happy with it.

Iíve also just recently recieved Leopard, which I upgraded after purchasing your wonderful program.

Hereís what happened:

I backed up everything in 10.4.10 on Super Duper to the 1st partition of my 500 Gig MyBook Premium firewire drive, no issues, and itís coming up as bootable as well.

Unfortunately I did something wrong with the Bootcamp install after I upgraded to Leopard and now have ruined the hard drive and itís getting repaired.

Iíve asked for the servicer to put it back to Tiger so I can restore my clone to the main drive and start the upgrade to Leopard again and try it properly this time. My question is:
  • When I do a restore, does it put everything back where it belongs and functioning as per before ? Is it possible to do a restore within Leopard of the 10.4.10 stuff I've done or not ? Will there be implications if I did ?
  • I have read there are compatibility issues in Leopard, or is that only if i want to clone a Leopard-based setup ?
  • The backup done was a ďSmartĒ backup and the drive has been formatted as Mac Journaled as suggested - have I done the right thing ?

Well, let me know, I'm glad I'm in the world of Mac !
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