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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
SD! will not back up to the internal if it can't find the external: there are situations where if the external fails during the copy we'll end up copying to a directory in /Volumes. He can use Finder's "Go To Folder" command to look.

But -- 6GB isn't necessarily an unreasonable amount of difference, especially if he hasn't restarted his Mac for a while... VM Swap files, sleep images, temporary files, spotlight index -- all can be quite large.
I don't know if he's restarted recently or not, but will advise doing so. He has been using SD for at least a year and this is the first time he has had such a large discrepancy. He deals mostly with text files in his work, which are small. I don't know if that would produce large cache, swap, temp etc files or not.

Thanks for the tip about looking in the /Volumes. Since it seems that indeed his external seems to have failed or somehow got disconnected during a backup this might be the issue.
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