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Advice on network drives

Since my internal HD of my powerbook died recently, I'm looking into getting a network drive to do regualr backup over wireless network. I only started using superduper recently (will buy a copy soon for smart update) and by the time I realized my hard drive was failing I haven't made the clone of my drive and it was too late...

Anyhow, I'm looking into something like LaCie Ethernet Disk mini, 250GB or perhaps 400GB for its price. Is this a good product once I format it to ext3, or is there something comparable in size/price that one might recommend?

I also read bunch of comments saying backing up over wireless network is slow- but how slow is it? Right now my wireless router (WGR614) is set for both 802.11b and g and my powerbook has Airtport Extreme. I expect it to take a while for initial backup, but usually how long will smart backup take? minutes or 10's of minutes? My hard drive is 80GB and about 30GB is system and apps.

I'll appreciate any comments.
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