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I have a 1TB Firewire drive that is being used exclusively for Time Machine. I also have a 500GB FW drive that I was going to partition in two, and use for cloning my MacPro and my Macbook. I probably won't use Time Machine on the MacBook, just the MacPro. However after reading Neofactors post I'll most likely partition the 500GB drive in three, the two clones and a disk image of the install DVD.

I think its helpful to look your back up types as meeting two different needs. The. Oooops that file was here yesterday, or last week, should be nicely met by Time Machine. The second situation, the WTF is going on now situations, is more adequately meet by SuperDuper!. So no I do not believe that TM will make SD obsolete and intend to use them to compliment each other. You had it right when you said that it can't hurt to have two back ups. If possible I'd use 2 separate externals rather then putting both back ups on the same drive, just for extra security. Another reason that I'm using two drives is that my 1TB FW drive is actually two 500GB drives in a RAID 0 array. Having 1 TB for TM (the internal drive is 500GB and is currently half full) means I should be able to reach quite far back if need be. While I've never lost data due to an array failure, it is a possibility that it could happen, so having the SD clone on its own drive makes the use of the RAID drive for TM feasible.

Neofactor - What is the difference between the AltBoot and Super Dupper Partitions. Is AltBoot more of a Sandbox then an actual means of recovery?
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