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Originally Posted by dnanian
I don't understand, though, how Finder and Sync Pro can copy the drive if the data's corrupted. They're not copying the drive: they're partially copying the drive, I believe -- no?
Nope. They are copying everything correctly.

(Of course, the corrupted data files are still corrupted after they are copied.)

Originally Posted by dnanian
This might be a situation where rebuilding the HFS+ catalog would help, or at least be worth a shot.
Nope. As I said, the drive structure was deemed healthy by Disk Utility and DiskWarrior. The catalog is fine and rebuilds with DiskWarrior with no problems.

Maybe it's more clear if I say the "drive data" is flawless, but the good drive contains "corrupted data files". Or, even more precisely, there are good files which contain corrupted data.

Now that that's clear, to confuse things a little- remember the history is the bad Maxtor was indeed a thoroughly-corrupted drive (bad catalog, bad data, piece of garbage, spawn of satan drive), but we are now dealing with the good drive that has the copy of the Maxtor's contents.

Here's what's going on:

evil, bad, corrupted Maxtor => good drive

Now trying to use SuperDuper! to copy (SuperDuper fails, Finder works!):
good drive (with bad Maxtor data) => another drive

Hope this helps...
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