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Warning! TSA/Baggage handlers love your cute little clone ...

Oh, how I love Super Duper and LaCie and David Nanian (and he rides a bike like a fiend!) except when your clone gets lightfingered at the airport ...

I just got back from a video shoot in Peru, my bag comes off the carousel at Newark UNZIPPED with stuff spilling out and my LaCie 500gb All-Terrain HD with its conspicuously cheery, bright orange rubber bumper GONE.

It HAD to have been ripped off by TSA OR the baggage handlers. And though you can file a loss statement there's really NO RECOURSE. Disgusting. Read about this:

Of course, you need to travel with your clone separate from your laptop otherwise if both sunk with the ship you'd be sunk, right?

So be warned! Find another way to carry your clone. Carry a less sexy clone. Wrap it in ugly duct tape like you do your commuter bike. Put it in a packet of sanitary napkins, wrap it up in your Y-fronts (guys) - any other creative suggestions? I never had this problem before in years of world travels so became somewhat blase I guess.

So now i need a new drive.

I do have Time Machine, but I am not sure I could quickly make a bootable close with it as easily as Super Duper, right? Wrong? It seems that TM is great for recovering files etc, but if you had to completely get back your laptop in an instant, without reinstalling anything, just plug and go like a clone lets you do, will TM do it?

And, would you recommend the same LaCie All Terrain as I have been using since I last wrote here (2008!) - now 7200 rpm - $190? Or a G-Technology or something else? What rugged portable external drives do people love these days? David, you said something about listing faves in a User Guide but I'll be darned if I can find that guide - you should hook it up to your homepage in a starburst or something!

I really need to go out and purchase it in the next hour since Crucial have just delivered 8 gb memory upgrade and I'm loathe to plug it in without having made a clone. See how dependent I've become on Super Duper?

PS In case you feel the need to escape for a moment without paying the airfare, here's Peru:
Or if you hate FB I blogged about it some here:

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