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New PBP hard drive; restore from SuperDuper on Drobo


I'm going to install a new hard drive in my 2.33 MHz MBP OSX 10.5.5. I have a bootable SD back-up on a separate partition on a fire wire 800 Drobo. I've read various posts on the process. A few questions.
1. I've seen reference in some posts to the necessity of renaming the SD backup drive to match the laptop's drive name i.e. "Macintosh HD" (currently the Drobo partition is called SuperDuper). Is this necessary?
2. Is the correct sequence?:
a. Start PBP (with new drive & no OS) while holding down the option key.
b. Select start up disc as SuperDuper (in my case as above).
c. After the SD back-up boots up, use disc utility to format & partition the new hard drive.
d. Launch SD & Perform a SD backup with the SuperDuper Clone on the Drobo as the Source & the new hard drive as the target.
e. Finished - Restart from new hard drive.
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