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Hi, Canoe112.

SuperDuper! makes a 'clone' backup, and as such can't directly compress or encrypt, since then the backup wouldn't really be a clone! But, if you store the backup in a disk image (which you can create using Disk Utility, and use as a drive), that image can have both compression and encryption turned on. Since you mount it yourself, SD! will treat it as a drive/volume, and can back up to it. (You can also store this image on a flash drive, should that be something you want.)

See the FAQ entry "How do I update an image?" for more information about images...

If you want to back up specific directories, you do need to create a copy script. But copy scripts are quite simple -- it's just a matter of selecting the folders/files you want picked. It's just a way to store that and a description -- there's no real 'scripting' involved, as such.

Hope that helps.
--Dave Nanian
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