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SD and new OS

My PPC Tiger machine died and I've ordered a new Intel iMac. Fortunately, I did a SD backup just before the blue screen of death. I read and understand this:<<Make sure your backup is bootable and as you want it. Clean install the OS to the internal. On the first startup it'll ask you if you want to 'copy from another Mac'. Point it at the backup volume and it'll bring in your files and applications.>>

but my question concerns my next SD backup. Do I need to erase the external hd that I have my SD backups on in order for it to accept a Leopard backup, or will SD naturally overwrite the Tiger OS and put down the Leopard so I will have a bootable SD copy off the new machine. Am I being clear about my question?

This is my first new iMac in 6 years, and I'm a bit timid about the switch to intel and Leopard.

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