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Cloning Time Machine - missing files?

Hi! I'm thrilled to have found SD for cloning my existing TM drive onto my new Drobo; Disk Utility and asr have both failed block-by-block restores (on verification), so I'm giving the Backup - All Files script a try.

As I watch the status, though, I note a curiosity: so far, we have
32,447 files evaluated, 32,337 files copied (2.40 GB evaluated, 2.03 GB copied). After preparation, the only log entries are:
| 08:40:35 PM | Info |       /Volumes/OS X Backup
| 08:40:38 PM | Info |       /Volumes/OS X Backup/.Spotlight-V100
| 08:40:38 PM | Info |       Preserving /Volumes/OS X Backup/.Spotlight-V100
| 08:40:38 PM | Info |       Ignoring /Volumes/OS X Backup/.00**********
| 08:40:38 PM | Info |       /Volumes/OS X Backup/Backups.backupdb
I understand the ignore file, but why the other missing ones? There's no line for ignoring cache or other temp files. (But maybe it's ignoring without logging?) Are we talking about hard links or some other special files? Seems like a concerning start---I can imagine (accurately or not) that once the million-plus files are evaluated, I may be missing several gigs of TM data.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks, and thanks again for SD!
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