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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Unfortunately, Steven -- no, it won't. But if you have fast user switching on, you can change to the login screen and leave the user logged in, and then the clone should proceed normally.

I scheduled a clone operation to run at 12:15am. I remained logged in but used Fast User Switching to display the login screen. I got the following error from CRON and the clone operation did not run...

Subject: Cron <bb@G518X2> open file:///Users/BB/Library/Application%20Support/SuperDuper%21/Scheduled%20Copies/Smart%20Update%20BACKUP2.1%20from%20RAID1.sdsp/
Date: September 4, 2006 12:15:01 AM EDT
INIT_Processeses(), could not establish the default connection to the WindowServer.

Also noticed this error in system.log:
Sep 4 00:15:01 G518X2 open: kCGErrorRangeCheck : Window Server communications from outside of session allowed for root and console user only

From reading your earlier posts I expected this to work. Any thoughts?

Kawasaki AR80

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