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BIG Mess: Need Advice Regarding Mountain Lion Upgrade Fiasco...

A friend upgraded her Core2Duo Mac Mini from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion yesterday. Unfortunately, her version of VMWare Fusion and who knows what else are not compatible. And she depends on this Mac to run her entire business...

We have until Friday to fix this. Unfortunately, she did a SuperDuper! backup immediately after doing the upgrade, so doing a full restoration from a backup clone is out. She does not use Time Machine.

From what I gather downgrading to Snow Leopard isn't as simple as running the installer on the Snow Leopard DVD. Apparently it is necessary to erase the internal drive before running the installer; this would delete the Fusion installation and everything else.

Is it possible to do a partial restoration from the SD! backup? Or is it the Whole Enchilada or Nothing? Any suggestions on how to fix this situation willl be greatl appreciated...

While I wait a reply I'm off to see if upgrading Fusion and the other apps is something that can be done before the start of business Friday morning...
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