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Instead of using the Migration Tool, I dragged stuff onto my new MacBook in the time-tested style of OS-7.4 -- resulting in slowness. I did not know about the Migration Tool - "Duh!" - and also "Dohhh!!!" - !!!

Tho slow, the computer has been working just fine, but obviously I'd like to fix its problems.

The good folks down at Tekserve here in NYC recommended that as full-fledged optimization does not yet exist for the Intel Macs (no "DiskWarrior") I use SuperDuper to create a disk image on an external drive, and restore from that: They said I'd get some improved disk organization and 'speed' out of doing that.

So I created the 'sparse' disk image overnight, and this morning sought to start-up from the image, but I'm getting 'invalid argument' from the get-go. The image works fine as a folder-full-of-files, but is not recognized as a potential start-up drive.

In Disk Utility I'm told that the image has no checksum data -- So I am checksumming it now -- which looks like it's going to take hours, so in the meantime I thought I'd saunter over here and try to find out what's going on...

With thanks in advance for any guidance,

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