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Summary: Lion, SD and FV2

Sorry to start a new thread, but I've been reading things here and elsewhere about SD, Lion, and FV2, and I thought I'd summarise it and make sure I have it right. SD has saved me from disaster a couple of times over the years, so I'm keen to make sure I understand the process with Lion and FV2. I've already installed Lion, but haven't yet turned on FV2.

Here's what I understand - please clarify, correct me if I'm wrong!

Recovery Partition
  • Lion's recovery partition isn't copied by SD as it's a separate partition, not accessible to SD.
  • SD still works fine and makes a bootable clone which also works fine (this much I've tested)
  • If you had to install a new hard drive you have two options:
    • Boot from the SD clone, run SD from it, and copy to the new HD. This would work but leave you without the recovery partition.
    • Install Lion on the new drive (not sure how you do this in practice unless you bought the USB version that's coming) and then use the Migration Assistant to copy everything from the SD clone to the new drive. This would give you a recovery partition.

  • SD runs as normal - it doesn't "see" the files as being encrypted, so like any other software it runs normally once you've logged in to allow access to the drive
  • As the encryption applies to the internal drive as a whole and not the files themselves, the copy that SD makes is unencrypted on the external drive (unless you also encrypt that, but there's no point as that doesn't go out and about with me unlike my Macbook)
  • Therefore I'm assuming you could boot from and restore from the SD clone, or use migration assistant as above

I would appreciate any thoughts, clarification, corrections to the above!



PS I'm coming at this from an end user's perspective... I've been using macs for 10+ years and SD for 5ish, but I'm happy to remain not overly technical, when people start to talk about sparse bundles and the like I'm easily confused!
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