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Red face Backing up multiple volumes to one external FW drive

Since I'm new to SuperDuper, I would like to know, whether my procedure is correct:

I have 3 Harddisks in my Dual G4 (into 4 volumes, totally 62+128+60+120=370GB) and one Powerbook G4 (75GB). Last week I bought a external 500GB LaCie FW disk and I was looking for a backup software. Trying Apple Backup 2 on my PB ended with a almost 7 hrs. odyssey - and ended without a real backup of my entire drive. Several attempts had been done - I had to click "skip" since there was something with permissions. Anyway, the decision to look for something else was wise, as I found SuperDuper. Due to the overwhelming positive feedback, I immediately registered after a successfull backup of my PB drive.

Now I'm at the point where I would liko to backup all my drives onto the external 500GB. After reading the manual and the FAQ's here, the correct way to do is to manually create 5 sparse formatted images on my 500GB drive, where each has the size of the individual volume. This allows me to smart update each of them and to have all my volumes on my external FW drive.

Is this the correct way or am I missing here something?

Thanks for any feedback
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