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Upgraded MBP to SSD, now takes 10x longer to back up?

Last week I replaced the 512GB 7200rpm HDD in my Mid-2010 MacBook Pro with a 512GB SSD (Crucial 550). The performance improvement in most areas is welcome, but one thing is now considerably slower: my weekly SuperDuper clone.

Prior to the upgrade, doing a smart copy to a portable USB HDD would usually take around one hour. Since the SSD upgrade, doing a smart copy to the same HDD has now taken 10 HOURS on both occasions.

The backup drive is a portable Toshiba 1TB, with three partitions (one for each of my Macs), which connects to my MBP via USB 2.0. I've backed up my other two non-SSD Macs to it in the meantime and they didn't take any longer than usual, so there's nothing physically wrong with the drive, though that doesn't rule out an issue with one partition I guess.

I dare say there's a logical explanation for all this... but what is it, and is there anything I can do about it?
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