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Exclamation Growl 1.3 - no alerts

Growl has been upgraded to a full-fledged application sold ($1.99 and well worth it, in my opinion) in the Mac's App Store. The old pref pane is now gone - removal is required as part of the installation process - and the new application has several more features.

Sadly, though, the new version does not appear to be compatible with the latest version of SD. It would be very much appreciated if the good folks at Shirt Pocket could make the appropriate changes to SD so that Growl 1.3 would function with it.

SD, it should be said, is my #1 indispensable application - no matter how much convenience is offered by others the security of knowing that I've got a complete, accurate, usable backup available at any time makes it the only aftermarket application that I truly wouldn't live without. Thanks, as always, for the great work.
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