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Question new hard drive MacBookPro

Hi everybody ,

I've been using SuperDuper! with no problems so far.
I'm upgrading my internal HD of my MacBookPro (2.4 GHz (Penryn) MacBook Pro 15" with 180 GB HD) to a new 500GB 7,600 rpm HD.

How can I install my backed up copy of my old HD on the new 500 GB HD?

1. Connecting the new HD to my MacBookPro and then use SuperDuper! to copy the backup on the new HD?

2. Installing the new HD on the MacBookPro and boot from the external HD and install the backed up copy?

3. I may partition the new HD in 2 sections, one of which would be dedicated only to my music account: which of the above systems is better?

thanks for your help

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