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Failed to Enable Ownership...

My hard drive is failing so I decided to back up all my stuff. I bought an external hd of 250G and partitioned it. Then I tried to backup all files and I get the "Failed to enable ownership on Hoodsie Drive." I can't do anything to my hd in disk repair - I just get the message that the drive has reported a fatal hardware error and am prompted to back up as much data as I can and get a new drive...all repair functions are greyed out...
I went to the properties of my hd and tried to allow the system access but got a message telling me I couldn't do that because of some error...(forget the wording).
Is there some workaround? Can I backup using a friends computer? Not sure what to do - the other post about "failed to enable ownership" seems a little like a different issue...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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