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Multiple external drives + prevent sleep


I'm a long time user, but with a new use case. Previously, I had a single external drive for backups (for quick bootable recovery) + a network based offsite backup (if the house burns down). But, I now have enough data that any restore will be painful, but a network based one is effectively impossible. So, my new strategy is two drives. I'll do nightly backups to the one at home, and once a week I'll swap it and take the other one to work.

My initial backups are running now, so I haven't had time to play with the interface. But, my concern is that the scheduled backups want a specific source & destination drive. Does that mean I'll have to schedule 2 nightly backups (one for each drive), knowing that one will always fail?

In addition, I have a new iMac. My old one had such problems with power management I gave up and let it run 24x7 (which worked out great for backups). The new machine seems ok with sleep/wake, so I want to leave power management on. Obviously, I'll have to schedule a wake up before the nightly backup. My question is: will SuperDuper prevent it from going to sleep? If not, I'll have to increase the default "wait before sleep" time to ensure a complete backup runs, which I don't want to do.

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