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slow backup speed

I've been using Superduper to back up to an external Firewire drive for a while without issues (always repair permissions first on the internal, repair drive on the backup, after logging out and in again without startup items). Today, for some reason, the backup is going really slowly. After a half-hour running, the (smart) backup speed is only 0.5Mb/per second. This seems exceedingly slow compared to previous backups. True, I've got about a couple of Gb of new photo files to backup. But still.

Since I'm planning on installing a new larger hd and will need the backup to restore to it, this is a bit troubling. A propos, to restore to a newly formatted internal hd, should I simply boot from the backup and do a full copy to the new drive or is there a better method?



G4 MDD Dual 1.25 Ghz/2 Gb RAM/OSX 10.4.8
latest version of SuperDuper
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