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Slow Tiger:

Hi all
I am using OSX 10.4.2 on a G5 2Ghz and G5 1.8Ghz machines and have installed SD on 5 of my macs.
I am admin for these macs and use Apple Remote Desktop to administer the apple script for activating back up on 4 macs and use iCal for my mac for archive activation.
My settings for the back up on all macs is to repair permissions, and smart back up, basic setup and disable indexing of clone, the drives being backed upto are internal on all macs.
I am experienceing a dramatic slow down in application speed and general computer performance on a daily basis, thought it may be that I have approx 4000 fonts managed by Font Agent Pro, and that FAP was searching both drives for fonts, could this be a possibility?, if so would it be good to unmount the back up hard drive after cloneing?, or could it be something else that maybe SD is doing?, I would have thought that I f you were accessing info fromone HD for a given app that it would not even be concerened with the back up HD, is this true?
your help would be appreciated into starting to solve thsi issue, I am aware that OSX 10.4.2 has speed issues and that cache cleaning of fonts etc is mandatory, but surely no daily, basically just trying to eliminate SD being apart of this slow down as I like hte app and prefer it over other apps ive tried.

Chees for help and advice
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