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SD and Time Machine

Hello there

I have an enhancement request for SuperDuper - could you add an option to turn Time Machine off before cloning to another volume, and then turning it back on again? I've just once again had the disaster of booting into my clone drive to perform some maintenance on my startup volume, only to find that Time Machine has been updating itself from the external drive's bootup volume because it thinks it's still the current one. I know this is TM's crappiness, and not your app's fault for not noticing that the volume it's backing up from has a new name compared to last time (I've already had a worse case of this involving Techtool Pro's eDrive, but that's been fixed either by MicroMat or by Apple since then), but is there some way you could build in 'turn off TM before backup' so that when I boot into the clone, TM is already off over there?

Failing that, or meanwhile, is there a pre-flight command I can get SD to run that will do the same thing?

Yours hopefully,

- Padmavyuha
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