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How to best set up rotating backup drives

I am wrapping my head around the thought of how to best setup the schedule for rotating duplicate BU hard drives for a small graphics firm. What I want to happen is ...

Drive A backs up every night each week at 3AM, on Friday they take drive A home and bring in drive B on Monday and it backs up every night for week two, week three they bring back in drive A and so on. This way they have a backup of yesterday and last week and one drive off site.

I could set up alternating schedules, i.e. create a drive A schedule for the 1st and 3rd week of the month and drive B for the 2nd and 4th. But what if they forget to swap drives one week or get out of sync? I don't think I can name both drives A&B the same, and just swap them out and expect the same schedule to work, especially with SmartBU. I think SuperDuper looks for some drive ID info not just the same name.

What I am thinking is a schedule for drive A that runs at 3AM and a schedule for drive B that runs at 3:01 AM, I hope/think what will happen is IF drive A is in place that schedule will run and BU correctly, if Drive B is in place the A schedule will not see the drive and just not run but the drive B schedule will.

Anyone got any ideas or a better plan?
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