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Originally Posted by dnanian
Well, it looks like your link is awfully, awfully slow.
So, Smart Update is doing what it's supposed to do... but the network is too slow for it to really help.
Is this on a LAN or a WAN?
1. I take it "Copied 13717 items totaling 46.40 GB" in the log means what it says, namely 46+GB copied.
2. also "effective transfer rate of 2.32 MB/s" for 6 hours is about 50G, so that data seems actually transfered, or else I don't understand the 'effective' TR.
I don't believe 2.3Mbs transfer as awfully slow. On campus we have a 1Gps network, but I am not sure about the cable to home in tandem. I think it is relatively fast.
3. My major worry is that the complete backup and smart backup take about equally long (via WAN). And that the log seems to say that there was about 45 G transfered, both during complete backup, and then during smart backup. Eduard.
PS we can take this off-line as I don't see others with this problem.
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