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OK, sorry: your request was worded vaguely, as you indicated you wanted an exact clone. You cannot have an exact copy if you leave files on the destination that are no longer on the source.

Note that if you don't have an exact clone, we can't guarantee that the result will be bootable. Some updates actually remove or move files from one location to another, and leaving the 'old' versions on the disk could prevent it from booting or running properly. (Of course, it's still a good backup of the various files, it's just not a bootable one.)

If you want to copy any changes -- including newly created files -- from the source to the destination, without deleting any files on it, use "Copy Different". If you only want to copy files that are newer -- meaning newly created or with newer change dates -- use "Copy Newer".

I can't give an answer to the other issue without a bit more information. Please send a copy of your SuperDuper!.log (it's off your Home folder in Library/Logs) as well as a brief description of the problem to support. (Don't post it here.) I'll take a look and see if I can tell what happened.
--Dave Nanian
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