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After 10.4.4 SuperDuper Stopped Recognizing Target Drive

Please help,

After installing Mac OS 10.4.4 update, SuperDuper stopped recognizing the external drive I had been successfully backing up to for months. My set up is a LaCie d2 200GB drive. It has two partitions. One is totally devoted to making SuperDuper backups. It's 80GB matches the 80GB on my PowerBook. In the past I have had no problems with SuperDuper launching and then by command using the 80GB partition as the target drive.

After updating to OS 10.4.4, SuperDuper "sees" the 80GB partition, but it is grayed out and cannot be selected. The other partition on the same external drive can be selected and accessed, but of course, I don't want to use that as my target because I use it for other things. When SuperDuper launches on a shedule, it stops and the log reports that it cannot find the 80GB partitioned disk.

I have tried Restarting, running Disk Utilities, Repair Permissions, Disk Warrior and all "see" and can access the 80GB partition. It seems only SuperDuper will not recognize it as a legitimate target. Also, FYI, the reason I suspect 10.4.4 as the causal factor: I SuperDuped at 10:50 PM last night. I updated the OS an hour later. The external was not used all day until this evening when I tried to SuperDupe uner 10.4.4.

One other odd thing, probably related. I cannot get the OS to dismount/eject the 80GB partition. The other 120GB partition will eject. Between, Apple, LaCie and ShirtPocket, I have a problem. My brain isn't big enough to wrap around all of that. But I am counting on you to know the OS and the drives pretty well.

Any thoughts? Your software has worked flawlessly and live up to its reputation until now. I have read your forums where you state that SuperDuper has been running successfully under 10.4.4 and that there are no known problems.

Well, maybe I'm the first, but I have one.

Please help.

Bob Carr
Washington DC
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