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MacBook Pro Drive with Boot Camp to boot into Vista

I have my drive out of my MacBook Pro. I bought a DriveWire to transfer old drive 120 GB into new drive of 250 GB. I have two partitions in the old drive. Using Boot Camp I can boot into Mac OS X - Leopard or into Windows Vista Ultimate.

First, can I transfer all of the old drive's contents from the old drive to the new drive via DriveWire using Shirt Pocket SuperDuper? Can I do this with the old drive and new drive out of MacBook Pro using Drive Wire and a second computer to use USB with Shirt Pocket SuperDuper installed on it?

Second, can I make two partitions and transfer each of the partitions from the old drive to the new drive. Plus, I want to use 170 GB on the Mac OS X partition and 80 GB on the windows vista ultimate partition. Can I transfer each and have the new drive dual boot the same?

Third, if that doesn't work, is there a way to transfer the original files via re-installing MacBook Pro with Leopard installed. Then, transfer using drive wire usb into new drive. Can I also make those partitions with the Shirt Pocket Super Duper. Or, do I need to create one big partition with Mac OS X Leopard, then re-install Boot Camp and all of Windows Vista Ultimate...

Please advise as to all potential ways to make this work. Most importantly, I would like to use a second computer just install Shirt Pocket SuperDuper on it and transfer between two drives that are both attached to the Drive Wire.

Thank you for ALL of your assistance. I am really at a loss here, and I do not know how to make any of this work without additional instructions not included with either Shirt Pocket SuperDuper or the Drive Wire documentation itself.

Thank you again.

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