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Network drive won't auto mount

I've searched the forums, and it looks like SD will automount a network drive ( to access a sparseimage on said drive ). The trouble is, I can't get that function to work.

Basically, at my work I've got a large NTFS network drive which I backup to via a sparse image. If I manually mount the network drive, SD happily runs the backup into the sparse image and everything's great.

Trouble is, if the network drive isn't mounted, SD fails, saying it can't mount the sparse image. This happens both when run manually, and when run via a scheduled backup.

I should mention -- the network drive's password is in my keychain, so it mounts unattended from the finder. Also, the network drive, being hosted on a windows machine, is accessed via SMB, not AFP. Finally, the drive is NTFS and as far as I can tell from manually running SD, there's no problem regarding the FAT32 2GB limit.

Is there a way to get it to automount? The lack of automounting is preventing scheduled backups from running at night if the network drive isn't mounted when I leave to go home ( the drive exists almost entirely for backup, so I don't keep it mounted 24/7 ).

Perhaps an applescript to tell the finder to mount the drive?

Thank you.
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