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Yes, I don't think folks should be misled. Drobos are much, much better than a single drive as your ONLY imaging solution. And they are bootable if need be. I hope we are clear on that. The only downside there is the same suspects you'd find with any solution... more than two drives fail or the Drobo fails destructively, decent odds as any I suppose.

For me though, I was fooled by the Drobo's easy plug and play. I plugged it in and played. Like an 8 year old. Bad idea. Unless you ARE an eight year old.

Once a Drobo is set up and has more data on it than any accessible drive on hand to back it up to, you have NO re-partitioning options. It, and most other BigBoxofDrives apparently, can't be repartitioned loss-lessly. My loss, close to a grand in hardware I can't use to it's full promise, and now more data on it than I can afford to backup elsewhere.

There just happens to be better backup solutions starting to enter the arena that are almost the same cost as one 4 banger Drobo. As well, DR is getting smart enough with their DroboShare add-on to have a Drobo re-purposed as a NAS with a useful network aware OS.

So a decent backup system upgrade path with DR is there. I am hoping they make it as affordable as one direct connect imaging drive and a plain old remote connected RAID NAS. For now I am happy with a Drobo as my one and only last resort backup.

Using SD! for images only is fine for now.

But having only one backup, even if it's on a BBoD's, is no one's idea of ideal. I just wish I'd known better than to set it up as ONE drive... (:-( No booting from that puppy till I can back IT up and start all over....
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