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An example would be something I do sometimes: installing a new application to the original drive's Applications folder, and then dragging an alias over the the Safety Clone's Applications folder.

The difference is that SuperDuper! creates "symlinks", which is a Unix "alias". The Finder creates an HFS+ "Alias", which is not at all the same, and needs special code for "cloning back" that's not in the current release. So, rather than recognize the fact that we've got a link, we'd end up overwriting the application.

The solution: just install to Sandbox. When you clone "back", the application will be copied to the proper location. (If you're just "updating" an application, that'll work fine, because the "shared" application was created by SuperDuper!, and is the proper type of link.

There are very few similar situations where this might happen (I can't predict everyone's individual use of Finder), but it's something to be aware of.
--Dave Nanian
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