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OS X Server 10.2.8

I checked the manual and searched the forum but didn't find any mention of this. I'm planning on upgrading a dual G4 Xserve this weekend from Server 10.2.8 to Tiger Server and reformating a SCSI-attached RAID w/ 400GB of data. I'll have a backup of both via Retrospect, but I want to have a second copy.

I see that SuperDuper! is compatible with 10.2.8; is it compatible w/ the Server version and will it clone everything, including my 75+ users?

I have a 500GB Lacie Big Disk Extreme that I'll be using via FireWire 400; how long should it take to clone 450GB?

If something goes south with the upgrade; how long will it take to restore the server and/or RAID from the clone?


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