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It does make sense. I've not encountered the idea of a Safety Clone before, & it would have helped prevent a dilemma that I'm now dealing with for a friend. Her iMac is currently stuck with some install problems relating to an upgrade to Panther & iLife04 from Jaguar & original iLife. I mistakenly ran a Software Update in between the two installs, resulting in the iTunes application being messed up & the Mac installer not operating correctly. Besides needing to fix this, I want this user to put a regular backup strategy into place. Certainly glad I found SD! I've used Retrospect & Carbon Copy Cloner -- neither is appropriate for an inexperienced user, IMO, and too much trouble/time consuming for me.

My concern for needing rolling backups dates back to my experience with minicomputer accounting software. Sometimes a user does not discover that something is missing or messed up for several days, enough time to make the backup worthless if it mirrors the messed up primary drive. It is especially problematic if many integrated files are involved in an application. such as accounting or iLife. I think we'll start with Daily & Weekly partitions on an external FW HD, & I'll have to delve deeper into scripts for automatic schedules. Lately I've been reading about iLife05 woes with missing albums, so I won't install my newly purchased package until I have a Sandbox in addition to my clones!
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