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OK, that's way too simple

New Q,: How about if I wished to convert my entire library to MP3 and AAC formats on my backup 400GB HD and have those new files remain, without being duplicated to my smaller main 250 GB HD, after running Super Duper?

I have already created a 320GB partion and tested it out. iTunes library plays from both drives with a source rederiction setting.
I'm going to keep the the drive spinning steadily and try some alternative tempurature cool downs, hopefully inducing a quick failure of any weak components.
Can't tell you what a relief it is to make sure my beloved music library is no longer "at risk" of dissappearing suddenly. After reading all the HD failure horror stories, how could anyone not backup important files proactively?

BTW a number of posts over at Macrumours praised Super Duper highly.
And thanks for the fast reply, that's really great! So much to learn, think the smoke is starting to clear from my ears!

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