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Angry Troubles With CronniX

I'm booting from Sandbox. I created several script applications by modifying your Daily Backup script. If I double click them, they run just fine. But, at least in Sandbox, I can't get CronniX to run them. In CronniX I'm testing them with RUN NOW. I created the CronniX schedules as per your docs: I did the prepend and then navigated to the apps.

I'm having related troubles with Norton Live Updates' Scheduler. The problem may or may not have to do with SuperDuper! I didn't notice the scheduler not working before installing SuperDuper! but I can't be sure. Norton Scheduler fails to remember schedules. I create them and then they disappear if I exit and rerun Scheduler. Also, new schedules don't appear in CronniX whereas the previous schedules still show in CronniX, but they don't appear to work. I rebooted to Macintosh HD and both Norton and CronniX behaved this same way so this may not be a SuperDuper! issue.

Also, are you aware that if one changes a path for an application that CronniX doesn't follow the change? CronniX must be manually updated to use the new location! Very un-Mac behavior.
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