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Copy Job problems

I was having no problems with scheduled copies of SD! 2.7.1 with 10.9.1 and Applets checked in Privacy Panel of Security & Privacy. however, after updating to SD! 10.7.2 and OS X 10.9.2, the Copy Job dialog appears whenever SD! launches to perform a scheduled copy. SD! requires me to click the OK button on Copy Job dialog before proceeding. If I don't click OK, SD! quits without performing the scheduled copy.
There are 3 Applets, all checked, in the Privacy Panel and I have, for other reasons, deleted all the scheduled copies and set up a new schedule.
When I unchecked all 3 Applets, SD! launched and started a scheduled copy without the Copy Job dialog appearing.
Are the Applets no longer necessary in SD! 2.7.2?
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